Running and testosterone: unbelievable facts for men

It is proved – running affects potency! But not always best way. In order not to upset balance of hormones and not to provoke problems with men’s health, it`s necessary to properly assess their athletic capabilities.

If you like long workout lasting more than an hour, keep in mind that after 60 minutes of running, hormone testosterone, opposite to action of testosterone, begins to be produced – cortisol. Organism that has exhausted all sources of energy begins to suffer from overtraining. This state harms not only potency, but also general well-being.


Causes of low testosterone

Normally, amount of testosterone in men is essential for his health. Most of processes occurring in male body are associated with effects of this hormone. Insufficient testosterone production can be beginning of many diseases development.

Therefore, it`s necessary to timely understand causes affecting production of androgens. Male testosterone levels can vary throughout day. Its greatest value is noted immediately after sleep, and minimum is closer to sleep.