No man is safe today from the issue, which is associated with erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

This is especially true for representatives of the male people, entered the mature phase of its life. Many people believe a decrease in sexual activity normal, preferring not to seek the help of doctors and self-medicate. This is wrong, because modern drugs which are appointed by a specialist after identifying the causes of impotency, can cause sexual activity is completely normal.

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The impossibility of man to perform sexual act because of insufficient volume and hardness of the penis is called erectile dysfunction, that is a violation of erection. The term “impotency” is not always used because it represents an extreme degree of potency disorders – its complete absence, and in most cases the male erection occurs, but not stored for the required time of completion of intercourse.

Physiology of erection.

To understand why there is erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to understand the mechanisms of the development process itself. Increasing of the men body happening by reflex (to the touch) and psychogenic (after exposed to erotic stimuli – images of women, etc.). Because of these two mechanisms active substances stand in the blood that cause vascular relaxation in the cavernous bodies, filling of the penis with blood and displacement of small veins, which is reset by venous blood. Any failure in these processes leads to a violation of potency.

Causes and types of erectile dysfunction.

There are primary and secondary forms of the disease. In the first case a normal erection in men was never, the secondary dysfunction occurs in previously healthy patients against various somatic, neurological and psychogenic disorders. Also worth noting is that in healthy men who do not have bad habits, even age is not a hindrance to the full onset of an erection, so such a thing as “age impotency”, is wrong.

All the causes of erectile dysfunction can be divided into 2 groups: organic and psychogenic. Accordingly, sexual function disorders are organic, psychogenic or mixed.

Organic causes include:

– Endocrine disorders (especially hypodynamic and diabetes).
– Chronic diseases of the reproductive organs of men.
– Hypertension, vascular disease, atherosclerosis. Normal vascular condition – it is an important condition for a full erection.
– Receiving of drugs (e.g., psychotropic, hypotensive) that affect the vascular tone or nerve conduction and psyche.
– Diseases of the spine and radiculopathy (in these pathologies neurological mechanisms of regulation are violated).
– Surgery in the pelvis, that may damage nerve structures and vessels.
– Injuries of the penis and perineum.
– Bad habits. In particular smoking negatively affects the blood vessels, and alcohol has an inhibitory effect on the CNS (central regulation is violated, respectively). In addition, polyneuropathy is developed in alcoholics, which can also affect the nerves that innervate the pelvic organs.
– Psychogenic causes:
– Depression.
– Neurosis.
– Stress.

Features of the various forms of erectile dysfunction.

Psychogenic and organic forms of the disease have a number of differences, which the doctor can suggest before you assign a course of treatment means to increase potency what is happening with the patient.

So, psychogenic erectile dysfunction is characterized by the following features: sudden onset, impermanence, the link with stressful situations, preservation of morning erection. In addition, patients with psychogenic sexual organ strength problems (if erection occurs) is not reduced during sexual contact.

Organic erectile dysfunction also develops gradually, usually in parallel with the progression of the underlying disease, the link to which is clearly seen in this pathology. Such patients haven’t an erection almost continuously (including the morning), and if it occurs it is not maintained until the end of intercourse.