Causes of low testosterone

Normally, amount of testosterone in men is essential for his health. Most of processes occurring in male body are associated with effects of this hormone. Insufficient testosterone production can be beginning of many diseases development.

Therefore, it`s necessary to timely understand causes affecting production of androgens. Male testosterone levels can vary throughout day. Its greatest value is noted immediately after sleep, and minimum is closer to sleep.

Significant impairments in function of endocrine glands are associated with age-related changes. During puberty, most young people have highest hormone levels. After 30 years of age, androgen synthesis occurs less efficiently, respectively, level of testosterone decreases with time. Lifestyle and exercise play an important role in synthesis of hormones.

Reasons for low levels

Most causes of decline include:  

  • Age. To reach age of 30-40 years, there is decrease in testosterone production. Decrease in hormone concentration caused by age-related changes is inevitable process.
  • Excess weight. It`s one of provoking factors in low content of hormone. In this regard, production of male hormones is inhibited, and thus production of female hormones, estrogens, is triggered. At the same time, estrogens lower production of their own male hormones even more.
  • Bad habits such as alcohol, smoking or drugs significantly reduce testosterone production.
  • Nutrition. Abnormal diet can be one of significant causes of low hormone value. Body needs to provide building material for reproduction of testosterone molecule.

Signs and symptoms of decreased levels

Clinical signs of decrease in testosterone are diverse and related to underlying causes that contribute to this. Main signs of androgen decline:

  • Reducing amount of ejaculate.
  • Morning decreases in erections, norm is considered about 3-4 erections per week, because number of morning erections directly depends on production of testosterone.
  • Early ejaculation, erectile dysfunction.
  • Frequent urination.

Endocrine changes associated with deficiency of male hormones:

  • Overweight or obesity.
  • Reduced hair growth on face.
  • Increase in mammary glands.

How to increase testosterone levels?

When first signs of testosterone deficiency appear, you first need to find out cause of this hormonal disorder. To do this, you need to visit endocrinologist, who during examination will be able to confirm or exclude disease and select appropriate treatment.

If there are serious changes, it`s possible that systemic hormones will be assigned to correct testosterone levels. If drop in level of your own hormones isn`t associated with age-related changes, but is feature of body, it`s not compensated for by diet or proper lifestyle, drug treatment is necessary.

There are 2 ways of drug treatment:  

  • Substitution reception. It is used in case of insufficient hormone production by endocrine glands.
  • Incentive technique. It is used to increase synthesis of hormone by body.

Main criterion for successful non-drug increase in male sex hormones is complete and balanced diet. Diet should include fruits and vegetables, try not to use products containing harmful chemical additives to health.

Synthesis of male hormones contributes to physical activity and normal weight. Therefore, habit of eating right, and regular exercise is important for raising level of male androgens.