Low Testosterone In Men: How Can You Deal With It?

Low testosterone in menThe phrase “low testosterone” (hypogonadism) is used to define an abnormally low level of the man’s hormone called testosterone. The main function of the hormone is to produce sperm and develop libido, but it is also a great helper in building up the muscles and bone mass. Hormone is chiefly produced in the testicles.

Unfortunately, in men over 50 the testosterone levels start to drop gradually. The level of the hormone can be called low, when it goes under 300 ng/dl (nanogram/deciliter).


Which symptoms appear when testosterone falls down?

At a point when testosterone levels go down, a male patient may notice some symptoms. They are the following:

  • Low libido. Testosterone is connected with sex drive in men and women at the same time. When its level starts to fall down, man feels a great drop in his sex drive;
  • Erection issues. It isn’t testosterone that causes erection, it simply stimulates certain brain cells to produce the nitrogen oxide that eventually makes the erection visible. On the contrary, in this case the erection may also be sudden and appear during sleep for instance;
  • Small amount of semen. When facing low testosterone levels, a male will mark the evident reduction in the amount of sperm when ejaculating;
  • Hair loss. It is natural when the case is aging, but when a man loses facial and body hair, it’s a serious reason to check his health;
  • Not enough energy. This symptom usually represents the low T. It is especially evident, when a man can’t motivate himself to go to the gym or he feels exhausted all the time;
  • Strong changes in mood. These ones often include inability to focus on a certain subject, irritation and anxiety;
  • Sudden loss of muscle and bone mass. It may be difficult to build the mass for those who train in the gym, and speaking about older men, they may face bone fractures;
  • Intensive accumulation of body fat, especially when having enlarged breasts (data is provided by healthline.com).


What causes such condition?

Actually there are plenty of causes of such problem as low testosterone. Let’s look at them closer. They are the following ones:

  • Metabolism issues;
  • Obesity (which means that a man’s Body Mass Index exceeds 30 kg/m 2;
  • Genetic and autoimmune causes;
  • Diabetes;
  • Various kinds of infections;
  • Traumas of testicles;
  • AIDS;
  • Chronic kidney/liver diseases;
  • Alcohol consumption (according to everydayhealth.com).


Types of treatment used to cure the condition

If it is an adult, who experiences low testosterone, there may be two variants. The first one is hormonal replacement. If there’s an issue with pituitary gland, pituitary hormones are able to stimulate semen production and increase fertility. When there’s no mentioning of fertility restoration, the hormonal replacement may be successfully used. The second variant is assisted reproduction and here the case is fertility.

If the patient is a boy, hormonal replacement can be useful too and cause the occurrence of secondary sexual features: muscle mass, hair growth, beard, penis growth. To stimulate testicle’s growth it will be useful to take pituitary hormones.

The hormonal replacement is divided into the following types: injections, patches, gels, implantable pellets. For instance, injections are very effective and they are given into muscles. Gel works through rubbing it into the skin (testosterone is transmissed into the body this way). But it’s necessary to remember that all the methods listed have their own side effects.


Overall, such issue as low testosterone isn’t that terrifying and there are plenty of ways to increase the levels of this hormone in men.