Men’s underwear

What is the healthiest underwear for men and why is it so? Should men ware boxers or briefs, or refuse underwear? If you think that these are simple and not important questions, you are mistaken. A man should think twice before he prefers one of the offered underwear. We hope that he knows everything about how to wear it, how often to change and wash it. But what type of it is good for his health? Still we want to start with information of how often to change it. It should be changed frequently even being clean – it means in the morning and at night. If a man works out or sweats too much in everyday life, it should be changed in the middle of the day too.

What is under there?

The experts insist on throwing out of old underwear. Do not keep the lovely and comfortable but very old things. And buy new underwear regularly just do it simultaneously with some regular event like a haircut. When this issue will be on a schedule, you get into this habit much easier.

Choose different types of underwear. You can buy both boxers and briefs and enjoy them both. Do make experiments with fabrics, styles and colors and that for sure will be beneficial for your relationship. Such variety will keep your emotions fresh in the bedroom.

Still what is more comfortable and preferable to wear – boxers or briefs? Of course, when we speak about the spice of life, meaning sex, you can try both of them, but when we speak about health, especially for older men, there is a difference. Meaning when testicles and penis is compressed in too tight underwear, it can prevent a normal blood circulation and that is not good. Young men still can apply here their own personal taste. Though, boxers will give more space to a man, while briefs will support tighter and that can decrease fertility. Please mind it if you plan to make your partner pregnant. In this case loose boxers are much more preferable. Though, there is a new opinion saying that that’s not true and that it makes no difference in fertility. Well, then there is another reason to think over briefs: they create a hot and humid environment like in sauna and that is a reason to refuse them in particular cases because the increased moisture can cause infectious. If you still wear only briefs, choose moisture-wicking synthetic materials.

As to “go commando” or wearing no underwear, you can afford it when it is appropriate but the experts insist on some cautions. Of course it is sexy for a romantic evening, but it is hardly a good idea for dancing because you will have a sweaty outcome. Actually going commando a man increases risk of injury from zipper accidents and testicular torsion.

Material matters

Please turn your attention to material used for underwear. You’d better choose cotton for everyday wear and for some short special occasions you can have some silk and other fabrics. When you work out, you’d better find some moisture-wicking synthetic blends preventing sweating. Refuse wearing cotton boxers in a gym.

What about size?

Do not buy underwear too big for you, thinking that they will provide more comfort. Even boxers should be close-fitting not tight but tidy. If you cannot choose between two sizes, you’d better take the smaller one if you sure that it is suitable for you and will not disturb.

And in the long run you can wear whatever fits your comfort standards taking into account the above recommendations.