Potency after 60 years for men – how to increase?

Increasing potency in men after 60 years is matter of importance at all times. Erectile dysfunction is becoming more common because number of people with diabetes and heart and vascular diseases is growing.

Erection in older men

Erectile dysfunction is mainly disease of older men, result of comorbidities such as diabetes and atherosclerosis. Potency in 60 years remains at best in 60% of men at proper level.

In senile and old age, almost any risk factors can become factors: smoking, alcohol consumption, and major diseases. But, according to specialists, such reasons as endocrine disorders, among which male menopause comes first, as well as systemic and neurological diseases, have become more significant.

Physician should pay attention to cardiovascular system state in elderly persons when prescribing treatment for erectile disorders. Best therapy in this case should be comfortable, painless, non-invasive, effective, safe. Today, potency restoration after 60 years isn`t unsolvable task, because pharmacy market is rich in various means to raise potency.

Overweight in older men

Not surprisingly, men who are overweight, are first to fall into list of those, who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Fat deposits are “cemetery” for male hormones, because testosterone is retained in fat, is deposited there, respectively, its concentration in blood decreases.

Overweight is increasingly common in older men and is almost main factor in sexual life violation. Man not only begins to be ashamed of his body, he feels that he has become unattractive for opposite sex. Most often, body fat in men concentrates on abdomen. Adipose tissue not only affects hormones, but also becomes risk factor for developing hypertension, increasing blood lipids, and developing atherosclerosis.

Male health after 60 years depends largely on men activity. So, experts don`t advise older people to prolong abstinence. The more often and more active sexual life of man, the easier and more familiar to him all natural sexual reactions. In second half of life, it is desirable that sex life is regular. Break, which lasted for several months, can completely knock man of 60 years of age out of rut. There is braking function. That is, it worsens dramatically if it isn`t used.

Increased potency in men after 60

Potency restoration after 60 years shouldn`t rely strictly on drugs. We will talk about other methods, that are no less effective than drugs:

  • Strengthening important muscles. It is about muscles of pelvic floor. At first, these exercises were developed for women, but later it turned out that their implementation helps avoid and cope with many problems. Exercises are aimed at training muscles of perineum, pelvic floor. For example, man may hold urination for few seconds. Such muscle tension can be performed not only during trip to toilet, but also while sitting, standing. Tighten muscles up to 50 times, workout is repeated three times per day.
  • Do yoga. For example, for men there is specially designed yoga kundalini. It aims to increase sexual energy. Poses, performed correctly, increase libido, activity of men, are useful for muscle tone. Butterfly and cobra poses are especially useful. If you have not practiced yoga for potency, you should start gradually and take precautions.
  • Aerobic exercise. Of course, not all of them are shown after age of 60, but after consulting doctor, you can choose option that suits you best. It can be cycling, easy jogging, daily exercise, as well as simple walking at brisk pace in fresh air.
  • How to strengthen erectile function after 60 years, based on principles of proper nutrition? Many people know that potency suffers with poor nutrition. This may be lack of vitamins, minerals, proteins, as well as simple energy deficit. Fill menu with nuts, protein foods, fresh vegetables and fruits. For elderly, in first place is rejection of fatty foods, bad habits.

Potency after 60 years is result of healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and absence of diseases. Of course, this is rarely seen, so experts are tirelessly developing new methods for solving problem in older men.