Running and testosterone: unbelievable facts for men

It is proved – running affects potency! But not always best way. In order not to upset balance of hormones and not to provoke problems with men’s health, it`s necessary to properly assess their athletic capabilities.

If you like long workout lasting more than an hour, keep in mind that after 60 minutes of running, hormone testosterone, opposite to action of testosterone, begins to be produced – cortisol. Organism that has exhausted all sources of energy begins to suffer from overtraining. This state harms not only potency, but also general well-being.

Running and Potency

To run positive effect on potency, combine it with strength exercises. If body is experiencing moderate load, it begins to release into blood large number of anabolic hormones, including sex hormones.

If you don`t want problems with potency, choose sprint – fast for short distances races. Thanks to him, level of testosterone increases, but with long runs, it`s “oppressed” by cortisol, because of which desire to have sex disappears.

Sedentary lifestyle often provokes problems with potency, than running. Some long-distance runners are recognized – and, in fact, after marathon “not to have sex,” but after few days, “male power” is more than enough. So, fear of running, those who want to be in bed, “alpha male”, don`t. Running opposite can improve potency. If you start training with the mind.

To prevent problems with potency run three times a week for 30-60 minutes.

Ideal for running with potency – combination of running, aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Scheme – 3 times a week running, 2 times – training on simulators. Exercises with “iron” contribute to production of testosterone.

To diversify jogging, increase the load without increasing the distance, weighting for legs or arms will help. They can be made independently, or bought in a sports shop.

Do warm-up before jogging. Rotations of head, arms, thighs, bending to side, turning torso are basic exercises for warming up muscles.

After running, it`s advisable to stretch with emphasis on leg muscles. They are under great stress during training, it`s necessary to relax them. This will help reduce crease.

Are you overweight? It can also cause impotence. I run to cope with this problem under force. That’s just better to start walking, gradually switching to jogging. To do this, you need special running sneakers.

Scientific research topics – running and testosterone

Scientists from Cologne, published in scientific journal Originalia research data about most harmful to potency of sports. According to them, cycling affects potency. Therefore, scientists advise athletes to use wide saddles and try to change their posture while driving. List of “harmful” sports also includes horse riding and motorcycle riding. Not useful and marathon. Because of it, level of testosterone falls, which negatively affects libido.