Six Questions That Will Involve Men, But Nobody To Ask

Being a man isn`t only having steel biceps, but also leading active sex life. It seems that maintaining male health isn`t difficult, but in fact you can face many troubles if you don’t keep an eye on yourself.

Why does I have an erection when I wake up morning?

Testosterone levels change throughout day, and in morning, concentration of hormones in body of man reaches highest degree. Any significant differences morning erection from evening or day doesn`t have. Its characteristic feature is lack of control, because during this period of day the man’s brain has absolutely no control over his needs, including physiological level, so there is no need to worry about it.

Why it is important to protect genitals from hits?

Bumps in groin area are very painful, as there is huge amount of nerve endings. You can cause yourself serious injuries if you play sports or outdoor games, which include wrestling or rough moves, without special protective clothing. Therefore, it will never be superfluous to purchase special protection for groin, which is sold in all sports stores.

If you are fond of cycling and love trips through parks, remember that cycling can cause groin numbness. If during or after ride you feel uncomfortable, you should reduce duration of ride or choose more comfortable saddle.

Is this really to increase penis with help of cream or tablets?

Throw this nonsense out of head! On Internet, advertise tons of various dietary supplements, pills and ointments, which allegedly contribute to increase in penis. No drugs was licensed by Ministry of Health, and its use is hazardous to health. Penis can grow as much as is naturally possible. The only thing that affects its size is blood flow to genitals.

What will be if I take Viagra just for fun?

Drugs as Viagra are vasodilators, which means that they relax blood vessels walls, thus increasing flow of blood to genitals and maintaining erection. It`s necessary to take such medicines only according to indication of doctor. In different cases, usage of such drugs with no need may lead to priapism disease, which doesn`t disappear for many hours and isn`t associated with arousal at all.

Narrow jeans affect reproductive function?

No, narrow pants or jeans wouldn`t harm your genitals at all, but completely different thing is constantly increased temperature in groin area. It`s very great to keep this area dry and cool, as humid and warm environment is favorable for growth of bacteria and fungi. Therefore, you need to wipe dry with towel after shower, and if necessary, use baby powder.

Bad habit is love of synthetic and very narrow underwear that prevents skin from breathing. Give preference to linen made from natural fabrics and spacious family pants.

If you play sports in spandex uniform, don`t forget to take shower and change into normal clothes right after class. No need to sport in few hours after workout, chatting with trainer or girls.

What are the most common men diseases?

Three most common diseases: erection problems, prostatitis and prostate cancer. All of these diseases are treatable if diagnosed at early stage, so it`s important to consult doctor if you observe any strange symptoms and regularly undergo preventive examinations.

If you lead active sex life, you need to be tested for sexually transmitted infections after each new partner, if you have regular partner, it`s enough to do it once a year. You don`t need to be afraid of being examined by urologist – most likely, you will need to simply pass urine or blood test. The worst thing is to start processes and get chronicle that threatens with infertility.